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East Tennessee State University - August 5-7, 2021 (Check-in and Safety Inspections August 3 &4)

We at MATE HQ are opening registration for the World Championship Qualifier with the following caveat: we may need to cancel because of 1) COVID or 2) lack of team participation to make running the event viable.

This year, the competition is challenging this community to tackle problems that impact the entire world. Plastics clogging our rivers, lakes, waterways, and ocean, from the surface to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Climate change raising ocean temperatures, affecting the health of coral reefs. Contaminants in our waterways.

Regional contests will take across the U.S. and around the world.

Teams must compete at the nearest regional competition or complete a demonstration of their vehicle to earn the opportunity to move on to the international competition.  Click here to find information about the regional contest nearest you.  Not sure which regional your team would participate in?  Contact Jill Zande.


The links below will become active as information is available.


The official disinfectant sponsor of the 2021 MATE World Championship



The MATE ROV Competition has Health and Safety Guidance for In-Person Events - Click here to review this document


  • Product Demonstration Schedule
    • Information about workstations and safety inspection protocol
    • Safety Inspection Protocol
    • EXPLORER class teams and number assignments
    • RANGER class teams and number assignments
    • Tent/workstation assignments
    • Team Product Demonstration Briefing