2020 MATE ROV Competition Fluid Power Quiz Results

The following are teams who have taken and passed the MATE ROV Competition Fluid Power Quiz for the 2020 season.  Teams are listed by their regional, and are alphabetized by school/organization names within. This page will be updated on the 16th of each month.

LAST UPDATE:  February 16, 2020

Regional Name Team Name School/Organization Mentor
Egypt M.I.A. Robotics Alexandria University Shreif Gabr
  Atlantis Arab Academy for Science & Technology Prof. Yasser Ibrahim El-Shaer
  Robotech ASU Dr. Sherin Rady Robotech ASU
Newfoundland & Labrador Heritage Robotics Technologies Heritage Collegiate Lyndon Williams
  Husky Explorer Mount Pearl Senior High Paul King
Northern California - Monterey Bay Altum Operations Glacier High School John Rumohr
Oregon Valor Maritime International Valor Christian School International Erik Neill
Pacific Northwest Trifecta Atlantis STEAM Ash Bystrom
Pennsylvania Lionfish Underwater Solutions South Fayette High School Brian Garlick
Shedd Aquarium - Midwest HAWKS Engineering Hoffman Estates High School Wayne Oras
Southern California - Long Beach PVIT Palos Verdes High School Fred Smalling
World Championship Qualifier Eastern Edge Robotics Memorial University Paul Brett