2021 MATE ROV Competition Fluid Power Quiz Results

FINAL LISTING - 27 April, 2021

The following are teams who have taken and passed the MATE ROV Competition Fluid Power Quiz for the 2021 season.  Teams are listed by their regional, and are alphabetized by school/organization names within.  This page will update on or around the 20th of each month - beginning 20 January, 2021; the final update will be 27 April, 2021

If your team has passed the quiz and is missing from this list, please contact the MATE ROV Competition Team Liaison

Regional Team Name School/Organization Mentor
Appalachian Highlands Marooned Mariners Tennessee High Lori Givney
  R-Mateys D-B Excel Erica Gardner
Egypt Super Regional RoboTech ASU Ain Shams University Shaher Syd
  Aquaphoton Academy Alexandria University Ahmed Al-Tawil
  CrocoMarine Alexandria University Amr Ali
  M.I.A. Robotics Alexandria University Omar Felfel
  ROBO-TECH Explorers Alexandria University Abdelrahman Noureldin
  Torpedo Alexandria University Dr. Ihab Adam
  Aquavaders The American University in Cairo Ismail Shaheen
  Pantheons Arab Academy for Science and Technology Mohammed Abuklila
  Kraken Arab Academy for Science and Technology Hossam Hussien Sallam
  Assiut Robotics Assiut University Eng. Mahmoud Aly
  Straw Hat Pirates Discovery Academy for Science and Technology Eman Shedeed
  Robotics Vikings Helwan University Robotics Student Organization Nourhan Mohamed
  Sailfish ROV Higher Technological Institute  Hossam Ramadan
  Toxic Kidzania Academy Heba
  Luminous - MU Mansoura University Mohamed Gamal
  ROBO-TECH Rangers ROBO-TECH Karim Karousa
  Sea Dragon Science Discovery Hassan Osama Hassan
  SCU Racing Team Suez Canal University Ashraf Sameh Amin
  Squad X Tanta University Mahran ElSheikh
  Aquarium Explorers Vortex Ahmed Soliman
  Electrical Beasts Vortex Mohamed Abuklila
Florida Phoenix Robotics Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School Eric Fernandez
Hong Kong RANGER/EXPLORER Super Regional GLAUCUS The Chinese University of Hong Kong Billy Yip
  CityU Underwater Robotics City University of Hong Kong Sze Tsz Ho
  CMAss Robotic Team CMA Secondary School Suet Yee Queenie Yeung
  EPOXSEA The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Eric Leung
Northern California - Monterey Altum Operations Glacier High School John Rumohr
  Geneseas Kitara Crain St. Francis High School
  X Academy X Academy Tim Sylvester
Oregon Valor ORCAs Valor Christian School International Erik Neill
  Valor Maritime International Valor Christian School International Erik Neill
Pennsylvania Ping Engineering Community Team  John Balison
Texas Dickinson Gators Engineering, Inc. Dickinson High School Sara Malloy
Shedd Aquarium - Midwest HAWKS Engineering Hoffman Estates High School Wayne Oras
World Championship Qualifier CWEUbotix Case Western Reserve University Richard Bachmann
  Rovotics Jesuit High School Carmichael Cheryl Kiyama
  Oregon State Underwater Robotics Oregon State University Matthew Shuman
  Proven Robotics Purdue University  
  Tecxotic Tecnologico de Monterrey David Garcia
  Slugbotics University of California - Santa Cruz Ryan Meckel
  Avalon Underwater Robotics University of Sheffield Viktor Fedun
  UWROV University of Washington Rick Rupan